Social Media: Your Brand’s Digital Mirror

It’s been years since social media took over the world and as the new platforms serve as a playground for brands to reach more consumers, this playground has also become a battlefield. Everyday is a constant competition for attention, so the only way to stand out is to find a way to make your brand cut through the clutter and make an impression.

When trying to build your brand’s online presence, it’s easy to get lost looking at what your competitors are doing. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out what you’re up against — spot them and pick up a few lessons. No matter how much you admire another brand’s social media efforts or aesthetics, don’t get sucked into the imitation game. You need to stand out instead of blend in.

First things first, you need to have a clear perspective of yourself as a brand. Social media is your brand’s digital mirror. It should reflect everything that embodies your brand at all times. This calls for consistency in plotting your digital efforts and content. There has to be a distinct signature in the way you speak and engage online, all the way up to how your visuals highlight your brand. If you can’t even tell yourself apart from competitors, don’t expect your potential customers to be able to either.

So, how do we make your brand stand out? Start by asking yourself these questions: What makes your brand unique? What first impression would you like your audience to have? Who is your target market and how do you want to converse with them?

After setting up your brand, the next step is to aim for a wide reach and engagements that lead to sales conversions. This is where your creativity will be put to the test as you craft captions and artworks to capture your audience. That is why having content buckets is a top priority. They help you segregate your messaging and create content with specific objectives: brand awareness, engagement, product-centric posts, testimonials etc.

Another secret we’ll share with you is the magic of brand devices. These are visual or audio identifiers that encourage brand recall. A few examples of this would be: Mac’s Apple logo, Adidas’ three stripes, Biogesic’s “Ingat!”, and Resorts World Manila’s infamous whisper. So whenever your consumers see or hear anything, they can immediately associate it with your brand. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to utilize brand devices! Find something your brand can own that will leave your mark in the minds of consumers.

These are a few guidelines that can help you jumpstart your online presence. Basically, it’s all about giving your brand some personality. There’s still more work to be done to keep up with the competition — new trends, new ideas, even new competitors. The key is to stay on the lookout and always be ready to evolve with the times (that’s the part where we come in!).

At Klick, we not only help you reflect your brand’s best qualities, we come up with campaigns that gear you up for this digital battlefield to stay one step ahead. Start your digital journey with us today and watch your brand become an eye-catcher!

You can always reach out to us if you need help in improving your social media presence.

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