Brand Identity Development

There is nothing more important for a brand than having a strong brand identity. You can't just get elements online, slap a logo on it and have a brand overnight. You need to be strategic about it. And a team with a strong communication and design skills would help you greatly. This is where we at Klick come in. We will help you move through the branding process efficiently so that your brand stays ahead of your competition.

But before we create the bells and whistles, we must first make sure that you have a solid Brand Strategy focusing on what your brand is trying to achieve and how you're going to achieve it. We will first focus on developing your:

  • Brand DNA (purpose, mission, vision, values)
  • Brand Tonality (brand persona, positioning, tagline, messaging pillars)
  • Brand Identity (logo, color, typography

Your brand identity is an important tool to help you communicate your brand effectively.

It all starts here.

Brand DNA defines what your brand is and what it isn't. This will help guide everyone in the organization on the identity and ethos and values of your brand or company. This distinction will also separate you from other brands in your category.

Brand Identity are the visible and audible elements that define your brand. These are, but not limited to color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds. Brand identity is distinct from brand image.

With Klick you can make sure your brand stands out especially when applied to your branding identities like your logo, website, product packaging, business cards, or even email designs.


Klick Learning:

Learn how to develop your own brand guidelines by downloading our Brand Identity Tool Kit. 

Brand Tool Kit Characteristics

Create your Brand DNA with us?

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