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Nowadays, consumers have become more discerning when it comes to their online experience. This doesn't just apply to specific categories but to all categories. And if an audience leaves your site without achieving an objective, they will add to your bounce statistics. And a website with a high bounce rate could increase your advertising expense. 

Globally, the average bounce rate of a website is at 45-65% (Based on SimilarWeb data for May 2020; total traffic to top 100 websites worldwide in the category). However, if your website is one of your main sources of business, this might not be good enough.

Here at Klick, we follow the 9 elements of web design. Then, we push it further by making sure that it builds trust and credibility so that your customers don't bring their business elsewhere. This way, we get to eliminate visitor confusion and make it easier for them to buy your product.

  • Have a Clean Layout
    Having a clean design doesn't mean you play mostly with white and light colors. Keeping a clean website means all elements should go together and should not be confusing for your visitors. This will also help reduce your bounce rates and emphasize your call-to-action.
  • Have an Immersive Branding Experience
    Let's make sure that your website tells your brand story, and will not look just like a generic website.
  • Mobile Responsive
    Since more and more purchases are done via mobile than via desktop, we make sure to create mobile reponsive websites. This way, we keep visitors in your site longer, wherever.
  • Seamless Navigation
    This is one of the most forgotten aspects of website development. With Klick, we make sure that consumer navigation within your website is as seamless as possible, so they get to the information they need without the unnecessary frusttrations.
  • Have Functional Yet Practical Forms
    The forms your visitors fill up is as important as getting a sale. So let's make sure that you also capture that lead on top of having a beautiful website.
  • Safe and Encrypted Website
    According to an online study, data privacy is one of the main considerations of a website user or visitor. It is important that you have that HTTPS.
  • Functional Product Catalogue
    Having a organized and well-functioning product catalogue retains more customers and improves your sales numbers.
  • Effective Contact Us Page
    No matter what type of business you are running -- whether an e-commerce site or an entertainment website, it is important to give your visitors a way to connect with you. Connections help build your website's credibility as well.
  • Great Content
    If you have compelling content, you can be sure that people stay and even come back to your website. To achieve this, you need strong copywriting, engaging blog posts or even have an edutaining video.

These are the 9 elements we follow to ensure that your website delivers and sells. If you need to develop your website or the next time you think of overhauling your current one, just let us know and we will help.


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