Strategic Planning

After deciding on your Brand DNA and Brand Personality, we must now determine how to position it in the minds of the consumers. Doing proper Strategic planning will greatly help improve your brand positioning as it lays down a strong foundation which you will lean on long term.

Strategic Planning doesn't mean just putting an ad online hoping that it will always sell. Most of the time this just drains your marketing budget. The proper way to do this is by doing research and creating specific marketing goals. This plan, will serve as roadmap for your brand. You can follow our 6-step strategic approach below to create a meaningful direction for your brand:

  • Set Your Marketing Goals
    These should be realistic and measurable enough to measure within a 24-month period
  • Conduct Marketing Research
    The purpose of this part is to paint a realistic picture of your where your brand is and who your target consumers -- this will help you spot brand opportunities
  • Determine Your Marketing Budget
    Before jumping to the development of specific marketing strategies, you must first examine your financial information and come up with a budget
  • Develop Marketing Stategies
    In this step, you need to make sure that your brand creates a special value in the minds of your consumers. Each strategy should be related to a specific goal
  • Set A Timetable
    Having a realistic time table ensures responsiblities and milestones are met by an agreed period
  • Evaluate
    What's nice about having a marketing plan is you can gauge the effectiveness of a strategy by a specific time. By having a clear evaluation process, you'll have a deliberate and timely implementation, monitoring and evaluation of results

Having a strong strategy will help minimize budget drain and will help create a strong brand position.

Marketing Goals are specific tasks or objectives that are set as bench marks used to measure marketing results. These goals can be set to achieve specific milestones in sales, quotas or even brand awareness and engagement. 

It is important to note that your strategies need to be communicated properly to all levels of your organization not matter how big or how small. This is to ensure alignment and quicker objective achievement. One last thing to remember, your brand goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realist, and time bound -- or S.MA.R.T.

In the most simplest of terms, Marketing Strategy is you business' game plan for reaching your audience or even a new set of audience to grow your business. This is where your brand's value proposition is solidified and communicated to your audience.

Marketing Strategies ideally have longer life spans because they hold specific business elements that need to be communicated consistently. We at Klick make sure that these elements have deeply rooted connections so that they are easily understandable by your consumers.


Klick Learning

Learn how to develop your own brand stratetegies by downloading our Brand Strategy Tool Kit. 

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